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Structural Design, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Boiler Installations, Renewable Energy Sources Utilization.


Company Info

Dear Friends, we are glad to present you designing firm "Bilcap-Prim" SRL from Moldova. Moldova is the small country in the east of Europe, located between Romania and Ukraine. Basis of Moldavian economy is the agriculture and the food-processing industry. Moldova has no rich natural resources, therefore the government gives great value to development of renewed energy sources.

"Bilcap-Prim" SRL has been created for rendering of services in the field of heat power designing with use of renewed energy sources. The firm was based on October, 27th, 2000; Certificate MD 0006727 and a fiscal code 1004600006371. It is Bilas Veaceslav Vladimirovich and Bilas Vladimir Ivanovich private property which are accordingly, the director and the vice-director.

The firm is entered into association of architecture Institute which consists of several independent design-civil engineering firms with various specializations: architectural workshops; design firms; the firms developing engineering maintenance of buildings. Such as, an electrical supply, water supply and the water drain, heating and air-conditioning, boiler and renewed energy sources. We are engaged in two last sections of projects.

Seven persons constantly work in firm. Besides, during big projects we involve additional experts, on individual contracts. The feature of our work is that, director and the vice-director always directly participate in acceptance of technical decisions, calculations and designing.

Today, "Bilcap-Prim" is one of the proved design-building companies in a scope of renewed energy sources in building. The firm puts before itself a problem on the further expansion of application of a solar energy in a heat supply of buildings, use of the "dispersed" energy by means of thermal pumps. Also, the firm gives a great attention to studying of experience of the foreign companies of the corresponding profile, which possess modern technology and advanced knowledge.

We bring to your attention some examples of our projects:

  • Sports complex Niagara Orange fitness club the area 5200 sq.m. This complex consists of swimming pool, Spa, sports and exercise rooms, "beauty salon" and restaurant. Our firm has developed systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning with recuperation heat of exhaust air, thermal pumps, and system of solar batteries for hot water supply, heating water of pool and partial heating.
  • Housing estate of 12 15 floor buildings on street Anastiadi, Sergey Lazo, Jazuluj, Drumul Viilor, etc. In which solar batteries are applied to a hot water supply.
  • Hotels: on S.Lazo's street 3 *, on Armenian street 3 *, Hotel "Jumbo" 4* on Dechebal street. Hotel "Marriot" - 5* on Stefan Cel Mare blvd, etc. In which solar batteries are applied for a hot water supply, and recuperators of heat and thermal pumps for heating and air-conditioning systems.
  • Business centre on Albishoara street. In which thermal pumps and recuperators of heat are applied to heating and air conditioning systems.

In further it is necessary to production biogas from an agricultural and household waste. To raise power savings. Moldova is situated in area with average speeds of a wind: in summer 3 m/second, in winter 4,5 m/second Probably to use a strength of wind. The firm puts these problems before itself. Our firm closely co-operates with enterprises from Ukraine, Slovenia, Romania, Austria, Sweden and Germany.

Sciusev str. 97, Chisinau, MD-2012, Moldova
bilash@hotbox.ru | www.bilcap.ru